Award-winning device and digital health startup. using data+scienceTM to improve outcomes for the world’s 3rd-leading cause of death.

Digital marketplace for tenants to find – and landlords to monetise – short-term, unused business spaces. Flexible, improving utilisation and tenant engagement.

Connecting Chinese sports fans with NBA players and coaches through exclusive and original content, providing an unparalleled experience at the online-and-offline platforms.

Simultaneous online exchanges and collaborations using only a pen, paper or whiteboard and a mobile phone. A revolutionary breakthrough in online communication.

Customers can create their own custom t-shirts through mobile phones or using SnapTee kiosks placed in key locations such as retail centres or leisure attractions.

Multi-merchant loyalty program. Convenient for customers, providing stores with the data to target and re-target clients they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Their SDK, Stardust, allows hyper-accurate relocation with a single RGB camera, therefore being able to consume augmented reality content at an exact location.

B2B SaaS company in the digital health sector which allows producers of bespoke medical devices to grow by ensuring continuity of information exchanges with their clinicians via a single platform.