Why PRD Angels?

The success of startups, in addition to the soundness of the business concept and quality of the founder team, depends significantly on access to:

  • Broad industry knowhow
  • Prior experience in running similar or related businesses
  • Execution savviness
  • Professional knowledge in law, accounting, finance, capital markets, etc.
  • Close mentorship

Our members come from a wealth of business, technology, and professional backgrounds.  Once committed to funding a startup company, members behind an investee company pull all their collective resources to share with the company to maximize its chance of success.  We pride ourselves in being a cordial and mutually supportive group dedicated to working closely with and providing assistance and guidance to our investee companies.  We are totally value adding angels.


Approaching Us

We encourage startups in need of early stage financing to contact us, through a member or via our club email address, for going through an application.  

We welcome startups with a prototype or a minimum viable product.  Completely concept stage companies would not be our preferred targets.


Deal Criteria

Our investment criteria are:

  • General investment amount per deal: between USD150,000 and USD500,000 but in exceptional circumstances could be higher
  • Sector agnostic
  • From seed round stage to pre-A round
  • Generally USD or HKD investment into Hong Kong or offshore incorporated vehicles
  • Business focus regional or global, with operational base preferably in Hong Kong or Pearl River Delta

Application Process

Interested startups and their founders interested in seeking funding from us should initiate the process by contacting us.

They should submit either an one-to-two page teaser and/or an under 10 page PowerPoint, describing the business and funding needs.

Upon receipt, we will endeavor to revert shortly to say yes or no whether to continue.

Steps after application

If we are open to considering an applicant, the inquiring party will be contacted by the Deals Committee for actions.

The Deals Committee may invite the applicant to make a presentation at our monthly meeting.  The presentation, including Q&A, will run between around 30  minutes, including Q&A.

If there is sufficient interest among our members, a deal specific focus group will be formed to further pursue the investment by conducting due diligence and face-to-face meetings shortly thereafter.  Such findings will then be shared with our members to determine further interest.  If a specified threshold of members decide to invest, they may invest by way of a special purpose vehicle.


All our members have signed a pledge with the Club regarding confidentiality regarding any deal information obtained through exchanges with an applicant.