About Us

Our Philosophy


PRD Angels takes the view that angel investment, broadly defined to mean investment by individuals in early stage startup companies, is a highly important and desirable undertaking by individuals from various perspectives, including for investment return, local economic growth, entrepreneurial development and attaining socially meaningful objectives.

We also believe that the result of investment return in angel investment would be enhanced by way of group efforts rather than individuals acting alone, due to the following factors:

  • Better diversification
  • Pooling of investment knowhow in deal selection and deal exposure
  • Pooling of resources in value-addition to investee companies
  • Ability to take on a larger range of investment deal size

Individuals learn, grow, and improve their skills of angel investing more effectively through interaction and mutual learning in a group context.

Basic Club Structure

PRD Angels is an investment club registered under the Hong Kong Society Ordinance.

It is a membership organization.  We believe at this point the minimum critical threshold is about 30 members and a maximum of approximately 50 members.

The club is guided by a board of directors who are also members.

Board of Directors
John Lo (Chair)
William Yung (Vice Chair)
Howard Lee
Charles Poon
Mike Grundy


Governance and Membership
John Lo
Ivan Yim

Deal Administration
Charles Poon
James Fok
Mike Grundy
David Lam

External Relations
Demetrius Yuen
John Lo
William Yung

Alex Chen